Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Blind Side, a Hollywood Film Essay -- poor, homeless, rich, white m

Have you ever wondered why so many films portray the story of a poor, abused, homeless, colored person that is eventually rescued by a smart, rich, white person? Every few years, there is a new film made that captures this same story, but the way the viewer is affected by the representation of race changes quite often. This idea gets old to many viewers who may agree with the idea of race being addressed in film, but not in the same way all the time. When a rich, white, republican family in the South takes in a homeless black boy to live with them, they struggle with the disapproval of society and their own insecurity. The Blind Side, a Hollywood film released in 2009 by director, John Hancock, represents the idea of race in this conventional, racist fashion. The Blind Side, based on a true story, is about a seventeen year old, large, physically distinguished black boy, Michael Oher, who grew up in the projects in Memphis. This movie captures his disturbing life. Out of circumstances which include Coach Cotton's belief that he would advance the school's football team based mostly on his size and the way he moves, Michael is accepted into Wingate Christian School - an exclusive white private school - despite his disturbing 0.6 GPA. After Michael starts attending Wingate, most of his teachers believe there is no way to teach him except Mrs. Boswell, his science teacher; she begins to understand that he learns differently from the rest of the students. Believing he has no one to help him, Leigh Anne Tuohy- mother of Wingate students, Collins and S.J. Tuohy, and wife to Sean Tuohy, franchise owner of several Taco Bells - invites Michael to stay in the Tuohy's expensive home for the night. But that one night slowly turns into weeks, ... ... the tale told was worthy of being on film. But, along with many other films out there, its racial representation stereotyped blacks as lower humans than whites. Because of Michael’s portrayal as a simple- minded child and the fact that once again white man had to step in to save the day, The Blind Side expresses race in a way that is especially negative towards blacks. Works Cited Puig, Claudia. "Strong Acting Can't Outrun Shallow Tale in ‘The Blind Side’" Strong Acting Can't Outrun Shallow Tale in 'The Blind Side'- USA Today, 20 Nov. 2009. Web. 09 Mar. 2014. Seibert, Perry. "The Blind Side." TV Guide. TV Guide, n.d. Web. 09 Mar. 2014. Nemiroff, Perri. "The Blind Side." Review. Cinema Blend LLC, n.d. Web. 09 Mar. 2014. The Blind Side. Dir. John L. Hancock. Perf. Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron. Warner Bros., 2009. DVD.

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