Saturday, November 2, 2019

Supply chain management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

Supply chain management - Essay Example This is the first step in the elimination of fraud which emanates from dubious and illegitimate payments (Coe 2007, pg. 206). After, registration of the request, a thorough scrutiny is done to the document to establish its authenticity and note any errors. The calculations and values indicated under the document are vetted to ensure their correctness and omit possible errors. More over, this step is necessary to detect overvaluations and unnecessary items. If the document fails the check list, it should be retained for further action (Coe 2007, pg. 208). Remarkably, on meeting the laid down procedures and requirements, the request is acted upon by raising the requested ministry budget. This is important to enable the concerned ministry to meet its responsibilities. Allegedly, the finance ministry may be forced to suspend the request until the next financial year budget. Notably, this will not be undertaken, purportedly to avert the instances of the ministries failing to meet their obligations. As requested, funds are channeled through to requesting ministry as per items in order of their priority and time limits (Coe 2007, pg. 208). More over, the ministry of finance supply chain officials conducts an audit on the previous allocations to the concerned ministry to establish their spending. This is also in endeavor to ascertain whether the ministry, did under spend and establish the balance they retained in the current financial year. In the event, the ministry fails to even meet the set criteria; there is no sending of the request to the budget department for more scrutiny (Coe 2007, pg. 208). Finally, the supply chain specialists issues the requested checks as per the detailed items to the ministry which now is at liberty to spend the funds efficiently. Notably, from the above flow chart, some discrepancies are emerging indicating the weakness of the model. As indicated, after checking the request order, it is not returned back to the requesting

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