Sunday, February 2, 2020

ENGLISH Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

ENGLISH - Essay Example She and Brandon went out a few months ago, but he suddenly dumped her. Arianna went white-cold every time Anna asked why they broke up. Then, the most joyous day happened. Brandon asked Anna out. It was a gloomy day with black heavy clouds threatening a storm. He was with his friends when Anna was walking home. He said: â€Å"Hey Anna, wow you look so grown up and beautiful. I want to invite you over at my house. Just some movies and stuff.† His friends sniggered. Anna didn’t care. She was in heaven and tried to look like she thought about it first before saying a nervous â€Å"Okay.† His friends left them. Inside the house, they watched a porn movie. It made Anna uncomfortable. The video looked amateur. Boys were breathing deeply at the background and it was dark. Brandon groped her breasts and whispered: â€Å"Let’s do it.† Anna said no, but she felt dizzy and weak. She looked groggily at her glass of soda. Brandon forced himself on her, while his friends videotaped the act. Anna couldn’t breathe. When she glanced at the movie they were watching, the video looked clearer and she saw Adrianna’s face down, her tears rolling, while Brandon grunted like a pig behind

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