Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Division and Classification Essay

â€Å"Your Future Is In Your Hands! † A term that many of us know. That saying is true and accurate when it comes to deciding on going back to school. â€Å"Should I go back to school? † A question that tons of people are asking themselves. It is a question that only they, themselves can answer. But there are many benefits of furthering your education. A sense of accomplishment is one of the many reasons people choose to go back. Self accomplishment is a gratifying feeling for most people. Yet many people struggle with the decision of going or not going. People with a higher education tend not only to get the better jobs but the higher paying ones as well. Who wouldn’t want a better, higher paying job? The better paying jobs seem to be the ones everyone is after. Nowadays in order to get those jobs, you need some sort of higher education. The economy can affect your choice in furthering your education. If the economy is not good your chances of going back to school are much better than getting a job, or in some situations, keeping your job. You can further your education and have a better chance of getting a better more satisfying job. Lots if jobs encourage a higher education and are willing to help an employee obtain it. They are willing to work with you by arranging your schedule, being flexible, and in some cases the employer even pays for the schooling. It is a great way to advance within your company. Who wouldn’t want to climb the corporate ladder? Personal satisfaction is a great benefit. Saying, â€Å"I have a college degree or certificate,† is very self-satisfying. It is a pleasing feeling to be satisfied and happy in your life. Many people learn to handle the pressure of deadlines and commitment along with learning social skills. Students learn to socialize with many different types of people, that vary in age. They learn to get along with people they normally would not get along with. People that they may never had met if it weren’t for going to school. Commitment is not always an easy thing to do. Who wants to take the time not only to attend school but pay for it and not totally commit themselves? Not many people. You invest your time, money, and self and you are committed. Your going to succeed. Self-confidence, another benefit, is something many people lack. Going back to school can make one feel good about themselves. The projects, the oral exams and practical exams that are part of college help people build confidence in themselves. Once you accomplish your project, whatever it may be, you will succeed and feel good about it when it’s done. Furthering your education can set a good example for your children, friends and family. They will see you making the choice to further or continue your education and in most cases will do the same. When you pass up playing a video game or watching television because you have homework to do, they will be more likely to do the same. It teaches them responsibility, commitment, time-management, and how to be goal oriented and how to set their priorities, among other things. Education may be a necessity for some and a true passion for others. There are many of opportunities as well as choices when it comes to furthering ones education. It is truly possible for anyone to further their education if they want to. It is never too late to go back to school. There are many benefits of continuing or furthering your education. Though there are quite a few benefits listed here, there are many more. You have to choose the one or ones that are right for you.

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